:: Referred by: Phil Basten

::. Can I Buy Additional Campaigns After I upgrade?

Yes you can. Your initial upgrade activates your account, provides you with 1 campaign and an affiliate link to promote. In the upgraded members area, you will see campaigns that can be purchased starting at $97.00 and going up to $697.00 depending on how many campaigns you would like to purchase. We have packages for 3 additional campaigns at $247.00 - 5 campaigns for $397.00 and 10 campaigns for $697.00 so you can save quite a bit money when you purchase additional campaigns. If you want to make special arrangements with us to purchase more than 10 campaigns at a larger discount please contact us through our support desk and we will make speical arrangements with you. Many companies area buying a block of campaigns and offering them to their members as inducements to upgrade in their own programs and we are happy to work something out with you so it works for you.

Update: 2011-12-15

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