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::. Can I resell this service?

Absolutely! And you can earn a nice income doing just that. You earn $40.00 to 70.00 when one of your donwlines upgrades and activates their account.You earn 40 to 200.00 per sale when your downlines buy additional packages in the members area.Commissions on a single package purchase is 40.00. $100.00 on a three campaign purchase. $150.00 on a 5 campaign purchase, and $200.00 on a 10 campaign purchase. In order to earn commissions at 1 Click, You must be a PAID active member first. We are strong believers that you should only promote a product after you have personally reviewed and used  it first. That way you can speak first hand about the product and can honestly say you use 1CMM. We operate many sites that are free to join and where you can earn commissions as a free member. 1 Click is not one of them. You must upgrade in order to resell this site.

Update: 2011-10-31

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