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11. Can I change my URL often?

YES you can but it is not a wise thing to do. If you change your urls often you will not get the results you are looking for. Search engines and top sites look for consistency and longevity. Frequent changes will not get you any results. The only time you should change your URL is (1) If you stop promoting the site for any reason (2) The site has been offline for an extended period of 48 hours or more (3) The site has gone out of business.

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12. On the FAQ it says $97.00 but when I login it says 147.00.00. Which is it?

When you first login to your account you are presented with the $97.00.00 one time offer. This offer will be visible to you for 60 minutes which is why there is a countdown clock at the top of the page when you log in. This gives you plenty of time to look around the site, listen to my audio tape on how the site works and read the one time offer. If you choose not to upgrade at that time, that's fine but after the 60 minutes has expired, the price to join is 147.00 so try to pick up the oto when you first see it.

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13. How often does 1-Click submit?

1-Click pings weblogs and blogs every 3 days, it submits to search engines every 30 days, it submits to backlink sites every 30 daysl. It submits to classified sites every 15 days. It submits to keyword sites every 15 days.These are the time frames detemined by the sites we submit to. Please see the Commission report page in your members area that iists the names of the various submission tools and the frequency with which they submit automatically for you.

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14. How do I learn More about 1-Click?

One way is to read this article. It is short, to the point, and should answer many of your questions. ==> http://www.kulesearch.com/kulebuzz620/1-Click-Marketing-Machine.html  <== There are also training videos in your members area and more training videos will added as we produce them.

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15. I am having trouble logging in, what do I do?

First make your account has been validated. Next, make sure there are no spaces before or after your username and password when you copy and paste them into the login form. If you still have trouble logging into 1 Click, please contact support via our support desk and we will help you.

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16. Why do I need to fill in my campaign profile?

Most of this information (example - address, phone number, username and password) will not appear on your submissions but many of the sites we submit to require it so they know you are a real person and not a bot. Please make sure you fill out your campaign profile accurately and completely.You will not get a flood of emails to your account but you may get some.

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17. How often are my sites submitted?

Your Url is submitted to Ping Blogs and Weblogs Every 3 Days. It is Submitted to Search Engines Every 15 Days. It is submitted to Backlinks Every 30 Days. It is submitted to Classifieds Every 15 Days. It is submitted to KeyWords Every 15 Days. It is submitted to Tackback Blogs Every 15 Days. It is submitted to Scuttle Buster Every 15 Days. It is submitted to Pligg Websites Every 30 Days. It is submitted to Do You Duggit Every 30 Days. It is submitted to Keyword Detector Every 15 Days. We will update this answer when we add more submitters as necessary.

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18. Can 1-Click be used to build backlinks for SEO reasons or to get traffic to my URLs?

The 1-Click system does both. Backlinks are hugely important as a long term strategy but so is getting traffic now. With the 11 submitters we now have in place 1-Click does both at the same time. So get your campaigns setup now and take advantage of the discounts.

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19. Can I use a link shortner service or tracking url?

We do not recommend using url shorteners or tracking urls unless you make absolutely sure they are tracking correctly. Our submitters work best when real urls are used. Do not use cloaking urls EVER, they are notorious for messing up tracking. If you are going to use a tracker, we highly recomment that you use one that we have tested over and over again for accuracy . It is called linktrack and you can find it right here. http://linktrack.info/ref/e0ba1  Many trackers do not give you accurate results.

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20. In the bookmark submitter how do I enter the titles, subject lines, and keywords so they rotate?

You can enter up to 5 titles. 5 Descriptions, and 5 sets of keywords for any one campaign. You do not need to enter these all at once, but start with at least 2 of each of the fields filled in so that you get them rotated on the second submission . To save your work, please click the save button next to the section you are editing. It will not submit again for you when you do this. This will simple save your work if you have already submitted.

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