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21. How do I generate good keywords to use in my submissions?

If you have trouble figuring out which keywords to choose use the google adwords tool below and select keywords and phrases that show medium competition. It is easier to get ranked for these.


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22. How do I fill in the 1-Click Submit Area?

The simplest way is to download this PDF and follow the instructions - http://cashinnow.info/1CMM/training/1-ClickSubmitArea.pdf

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23. How Do I Save My Campaign Data?

There are two place where you must save your campaign data. First go to the blue button at the left hand side of your members area that says Campaign Profile. Fill that in completely and then hit save at the bottom of the page. Next go to the 1-Click Submit button and go to the envelope to the right of the campaign you want to edit. If you mouse over that envelope, it says edit. Click on it. Fill in all of the fields on this campaign page. You will see a save button for each section of the form. Hit that save button and it will save your data for each section of the form. You can always come back and edit your data at any time but be sure to hit save when you do. Note: When you enter your url you must add the http:// in front of the url or it will not submit to the submission sites correctly.

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24. Do I need To Enter the http:// in front of my url for my Campaigns?

Yes! If you enter only www.1clickmarketingmachine.com, your url will not submit anywhere. You must provide a complete url for each campaign that you enter including the http://

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25. Can I pay it forward for someone else?

Yes, you can pay for someone else but you MUST let us know in advance who you are paying for and who will be managing their account. 1-Click does not have a formal pay it forward program and we need to have a complete record of who has paid what and for whom.

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26. Can I Buy Additional Campaigns After I upgrade?

Yes you can. Your initial upgrade activates your account, provides you with 1 campaign and an affiliate link to promote. In the upgraded members area, you will see campaigns that can be purchased starting at $97.00 and going up to $697.00 depending on how many campaigns you would like to purchase. We have packages for 3 additional campaigns at $247.00 - 5 campaigns for $397.00 and 10 campaigns for $697.00 so you can save quite a bit money when you purchase additional campaigns. If you want to make special arrangements with us to purchase more than 10 campaigns at a larger discount please contact us through our support desk and we will make speical arrangements with you. Many companies area buying a block of campaigns and offering them to their members as inducements to upgrade in their own programs and we are happy to work something out with you so it works for you.

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27. Help! Why am I not getting any clicks to my site?

First check and make sure you have filled in your campaign profile and the 1-Click Submit page. Next make sure you entered  the  http:// in front of your url. Finally, be aware that it takes repeat submissions over many months to build a steady stream of quality traffic. This is not instant coffee, you need patience when you work with submitters. You should never use submitters as a replacement for other marketing but as an important addition to your other marketing, especially when they are fully automated and will not take up your valuable time. 1-Click is definitely one weapon you want to have in your marketing arsenal.

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28. Do You Have a Service That Will Set Up My Site For Me?

Yes we do. Once you upgrade and become a paid member of 1 Click, you will find that you can buy additional campaigns in the members area. You can buy them with or without our set up service. The form to fill out is very easy to do so you should certainly try it yourself first. If later on you want it set up professionally for you, we can do that for an aditional charge which you will find here


These charges only apply once you have purchased your campaign and they are completely optional but you must be an upgraded member with at least 1 campaign running in order to avail yourself of the set up service.


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29. What Results Should I Realistically Expect From 1 Click?

1-Click is a supplement to other advertising that you use to promote your sites. It is designed to bring quality traffic to your site over time by using various automated submission techniques. If you have a reliable tracking link in your campaign and you have set up your camapaign properly, you can realistically expet to increase your click rate. People who have been tracking their results are reporting an average of 75 to 100 clicks per month from their 1 Click submissions.This is a simple set it and forget it technology. It is not designed to make sales for you. Your website or your personal follow up with leads is the only way to do that. Any submission tool is designed to do one thing and one thing only and that is to get quality traffic to your site. The rest is up to you and your site, the product you are selling and the price point at which you are selling it at. If you are joining 1-Click to get rich quickly or to drive hordes of traffic to your site fast, this site may not be for you. This is simply an automatic traffic site that builds your traffic up over time the right way.

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